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Update by user Jul 03, 2013

a mistake on the doctors name.the doctors name was dr.

obi not dr.

trotter he is a dentist and a very very good one, i will remove his name as soon as i can figure out how too ..I'm deeply sorry about the confusion i have caused.

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2013

im posting this compliant for one simple reason and that is to , one save a life in the future, two to inform people that it takes a couple of weeks for the bruising and stitches to heal, the commercial is very untruthful about how quick the process mother went and had a lifestyle lift , she came home in a daze.the family was instructed to give her medication of sleeping pills and velum ,, they sent her home with a bag of pain pills and hardcore sleeping pills.we did not give her these drugs..

she passed out, stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the emergency room, here heart stopped and had to be defibrillated , she was in a daze for three days straight. she almost died and would of if we were not there to call 911. she never suid because she is old school and didn't remember a thing..this happened because of the Anastasia and the the medicine to keep her from throwing up. totally was overdosed.

the lifestyle people blamed us for giving her medicine at home which we did not, never owed up to it or offered any kind of retribution,,, it was a messy mess for three weeks. she looked like she had been hit by a Simi truck..the commercial is very untrue in what they say except she does look a little and i mean a little younger. she should of been under the care of a professional for the first 24 hours.. if you care about anyone you love that is thinking of doing this .

take it seriously .. be there for them. this is not like getting a tooth pulled. my mother is lucky to be alive..i hope this saves some ones life..

and bye the way the doctor wasn't even the one who did the surgery...he was out..

I'm pissed because my mother life was almost taken away and also how they blamed the not looking for money just warning other families.

Review about: Lifestyle Lift. took money in the amount of 29.95 from my bank account with out my know it

Miamisburg, Ohio 3 comments
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this company had no business taking this money they claim its because i ordered a fre trail of bromalite on line i was signed up for there product by them but bromalite says they dont know them i am calling the BBB and Mc companies and cancelling my account at the bank to keep this from happening again this fee will be a monthly thing if not cancelled they said they would but i dought it i will never order free trails of anything again I have lost 110.00 in the past month with no hope in getting it back



i have never contact your company to purchase any product ,so please do not withdraw any money from my credit card, took money in the amount of 29.95 from my bank account with out my know it for many months so please stop ,and repayme ,for this is fraude on your part


T. Whitley,

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how do i get my money back??

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